Green Consultancy (LEED/IGBC)

The inconvenient truth of day is the environmental crisis that we are facing. If the alarm bells are ringing it is because the calamities of future are fast making their presence felt.

Our building industry is creator of shelter for everyone to live, work, play and share under. But do we know that we are also creators of waste, soil erosion, excess water and energy consumption and consumers of natural resources. As a responsible industry we have started to take responsibility and adopt corrective measures.

One such measure is the development of the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.

We at IFP understand the LEED rating system and are instrumental in guiding you through your efforts. For obtaining a LEED rating, one needs to adopt environmentally conscious measures both during design & construction.

Our involvement in the green modular furniture project starts right from the concept stage till the time the project obtains LEED certification. We help you to bring your design to green standards, adopt green practices, select green products and educate all involved in green practices.

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