Furniture for Pharmacy

Especially for pharmacy segment, Indian Furniture Products provides various panel-based and freestanding , furniture systems that are easy to plan with, manage and inventory. Systems have simple sets of components: low storage, mid-storage, display units etc. Inventory can easily be stored, in either your storage facility or at our professionally-staffed warehouse and then re-purposed easily as needs changes.

Our display solutions allow for a wide breadth of open plan applications with purposeful privacy options, allowing users to control privacy without creating barriers. Sales and billing work stations are designed to provide an efficient and professional work environment. All custom designs or pre-designs provide criteria’s for wiring and bolt together installation. We have an innovative and affordable pharmacy solution that divides space perfectly for companies of all sizes, with flexibility for growth.

Indian Furniture Products virtually tool-less installation makes it easy to add pharmacy or expand departments within an existing space. We will also provide multi-drawer cabinets and more with features like space-saving sliding doors, adjustable feet for wonky floors and cable outlets so that you can hide away printers, routers and other such gadgetry.

Our furniture range for pharmacy

  • Reception counters
  • Billing counters
  • Display units
  • Island display units
  • Storage units

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